Extra Credit

Education Rights
This is Chiwon Lee.
I contributed to the production of the video by brainstorming how the video sequence should be like. I edited the entire video by consulting with my business partner that is an expert in filming. It’s the first time I edited a film, so I had to get advice from Alex, my business partner in Tokyo that is great at film editing. The time zone is different, so I had to sleep at 5-6am for a week, but it was worth it because I learned an immense amount of knowledge on film editing. I would not have been able to accumulate knowledge in film editing if it wasn’t for this experience. I suggested the idea that we should raise awareness on education rights our theme because many people that we interviewed to survey at the start of this project did not even that education rights is a human right. I asked Henry from Microsoft Research for the computer voice software program. I ran the computer voice software program that Henry from Microsoft Research gave me in order to make the video more tech-savvy and interesting. To be honest, I had a hard time juggling my IT business, part time job on campus, and doing the editing, but pushing the limits made me grow as a strong independent individual. I came to college to learn how to grow as a mature and diligent individual, so I was glad that I was working hard to stretch my potential. I am proud that I was an ally for my group members.
I contributed to the involvement with the community partner by researching community partners in Washington State. I called, emailed, and voice mailed over fifty people in order to get contact with four great and considerate community partners. Some community partners were hard to reach through phone. The phone would keep directing me to voice mails that did not respond back. I understand that they must be very busy because I remembered Professor Ortiz telling the class that social activists are very busy people with a lot of work on hands. Thus, I went to the offices of the community partner organizations directly. I succeeded to meet with the Friends of Youth Bothell Coordinator after going to the office in person with my group members. They were really happy that we came in person and apologized for not responding the voice mails. They said that there are too much work while there is a lack of personnel and volunteers all the time. I felt the urge to take action and help the community partners with the skills that I uniquely have as a human being. I scheduled the meeting with the community partners and organized a time frame that the team can abide to. My group members were very sincere and attentive to the group meetings. I was elated when my group members mostly approved my ideas. I loved the passionate opinions on the video from my group members. I took note of the suggestions of my group members in my laptop so I could later figure out a bigger picture to match all the ideas we had in. It was thrilling to make a large picture that had mechanisms that fitted altogether. Our aim was to make a multidimensional experience for the viewer so they could be fully educated in basic education rights and the ways to creatively participate in it. I attended many district meetings and community meetings that were organized by our community partners in order to have a better understanding on the topic of educational issues. My group members would always come with me if it weren’t class or working hours. They were very supportive. I brainstormed most of the questions that we asked to the community partner. I mainly suggested the ideas of what action plans that we can take with the community partners. I sent out notifications to my teammates about the meeting times and the locations. I thought it was necessary for myself to do this role because most of my teammates are very diligent workers who have demanding part time jobs. It was a rewarding experience to witness a multifaceted dimension of activism and functioning under the collaboration of motivated and intelligent people.
Written by Chiwon Lee
(718 words)

Police Brutality

As a member of the group whose social injustice is Police Brutality, I have made many contributions in the production my group’s video, and involvement with our community partner. Our video portrays volunteers from our community partner, The October 22nd Coalition. I was the one who sought out The October 22nd Coalition, and asked if they would be willing to meet with myself and my group, as well as answering some questions about their organization as part of our video for our final project. This is an organization I follow on Facebook, and knew they are a key element in helping to bring Police Brutality to an end in Seattle and across our nation. I helped film segments of the video in our initial meeting and contributed in our group’s questions for our community partner. I have also helped to add ideas regarding what we need in the video, as well as being involved in a protest with the Coalition to be a part of the video.

My involvement with our community partner has been an amazing experience. I have been able to take time, sit down with the volunteers to find out all I could about their organization, and understand how I can help, support, and become an ally for them. The volunteers of the Coalition were more than happy to talk and educate us about the horrific injustices of Police Brutality in Seattle. They invited our group to join them in a protest on March 14th, to help rally supporters for their April 14th “Shut It Down” walk out and protest. I followed up with them so that we could join in this scheduled protest/rally that was set for March 14th 2015, in Westlake Park. This event was life changing, and an experience to remember. I am so grateful to the Coalition for inviting us to help them be a presence at this protest and becoming an ally to a wonderful organization dedicated to help the fight against Police Brutality.

Written By: Emily Sanders

Extra Credit Contributions List

Hello! This is Kelly Ward, from the Women’s rights group. In my efforts to be a good group member, I tried my hardest to contribute as much as possible to the final project. I put all of my contributions into a list, as I find lists to be rather helpful when I’m trying to organize a lot of information. (My list is somewhat lengthy, I wanted to include as much detail about my contributions and the results of my contributions as possible.)

  1. The first thing that I contributed to the video was a to-do list. I created the list as a way to keep everyone in the group on track and to divide tasks among the team members.Unfortunately, this to do list was not as successful as I would have hoped because the majority of my group members didn’t check Canvas as often as I would have liked.
  2. I started in class discussions about the project, primarily to get questions and lens assigned as soon as possible, as well as to get ideas for our video. The in class discussions didn’t go too well for me, as our questions and lenses got assigned a week after I had originally intended for them to get assigned. I also attended a group meeting about the video on Tuesday. (March 17th)
  3. I was in charge of communication in the group, I took it upon myself to collect the contact information (Email addresses and phone numbers) for everyone in my group. I posted all of their email addresses to Canvas, as I didn’t want to just hand out their phone numbers without permission. I then emailed them every time I made an announcement, just in case they didn’t check Canvas. While I thought this would be a great way to keep in contact with my group, it didn’t work out so well. The other group members said they weren’t getting my emails, so I ended up texting them all instead.
  4. I kept the group up to date with current events, e.g. The radio show and the meet up with our community partner. I made announcements for both events the minute the opportunity arose, in order to give my other group members as much notice as possible. For the meet up with Radical Women, I did more than just announce it, I added it to the calendar as well so no one would miss out on the meet up. Since six out of the seven group members showed up to that meeting, I consider this a success on my part.
  5. I organized the meet up with Seattle Radical Women. I emailed Gina, (The event organizer) planned out the date and time and asked her if we could get an interview, as well as asking her if we could film the interview. I also made sure that all of my other group members came prepared, (Through announcements telling them what they had to do to participate in the meet up) as well as making sure everyone knew the address of Radial Women as well as what building they were in. (We were not able to volunteer with Radical Women as our group thought that we didn’t have enough time to do so. Our group decided that our goal was to simply educate others, not to make a major impact in our community. I feel that this was due to us not getting things done in  timely manner.)
  6. I contributed ideas on how to edit the video as well as providing our editor, (Mr. Slater) with a quote from Postman to use in our video.

Domestic violence

We had a hard time to get a chance to work with our community partner. At first, we cannot meet the requirements for the volunteers of our community partner, King County Coalition against Domestic Violence. So we have to find the other one. Honestly, I did not contribute too much in the process of finding another community partner. But I did try what I could do. I called a friend I met in church, who is more familiar with America, and she gave me a name of an organization that served for the homeless people. I searched the name on the internet and found that they did not have any suitable activities for us. I felt so guilty that I could not do something helpful. But, luckily, Heba found an opportunity for us that we could work with the YMCA of Snohomish County at Horizon Elementary in Everett.

Before we went to the place we needed to work in, I printed 10 copies of “Filming Waiver and Release Form” and brought them with me. Almost all of us forgot to do it. I felt so glad that finally I can do something helpful. I had a great time working with Vonnie Gill, who ran the program, and my group as a volunteer. We interviewed Gill and really learned a lot from her. Unfortunately, the question I asked Vonnie was cut from the video, because it seemed that Rachel and I had similar questions, but Rachel’s is better. So my part was cut. However, one of the quotes I found was presented in the video and my voice of answering the question was also inserted. I was happy that I could contribute into the video.
On March 17, from 3:30 pm to 6:00 pm, I spent time with children who enrolled in Vonnie’s program. I tried my best to communicate with them. I listened to them carefully and discovered the needs of them. They wanted us to pay attention to them and listen. I felt time passed so quickly, when I talked with these children. If I have a car so that I could get there easier, I would donate more time to listen to them.

Zhaocong Fan

Police Brutality

During the mid-term and final I was very comfortable working with my group. I am grateful to have had the chance to take this class. As well as form friendships with many of the people in the class who were once strangers.

In the beginning, I was trying to find a community partner who would meet with us since nobody had replied to us for our mid-term. I sent emails in hopes that someone would be willing to work with us. Sadly I had no lucky. After Emily joined we were then able to work with the October 22nd Coalition. In my group I was the one who held the camera equipment for my team mates. I also contributed when we asked Cynthia questions. I was interested in learning more about the coalition and why she had become a part of this social movement. After our first meeting I took action to put down my e-mail so that Cynthia and her partner could send me emails and send more information about police brutality.

In the email she invited my group to attend a protest at West Lake Park. I was one of the people who could attend since most of my team members had to work. I was involved with our community partner during this because I helped post signs around Seattle, passed out flyers,  and held up signs with the faces of the stolen lives. I stayed there for about two hours trying to raise awareness and to let people know of the walk out that will be taking place on April 14th. I also was an ally for Kai. As the “camera man” I wanted for him to also be a part of the video so I was able to also work the camera and make sure Kai had a chance to also have the experience Emily and I were having.

I did not have much time to contribute to the making of the video since I work right after school until 10pm. I was only able to contribute to our group video by answering my question and making a voice recording of it. Even though I was not able to help edit, I sent them the pictures I had taken for them to include in the video. I would have liked to help my team out more but they did a great job! I am very proud of them for all the hard work and for understanding my situation.

Word count: 412

By: Laura Esparza


Our group focused on the injustices that the LGBTQI group faced through research, teamwork, and our community partner. This project gave me the opportunity to contribute my time and effort to my classmates and the GSA in a number of different ways.

My group met on several different occasions at coffee shops and schools, which I made sure I could be present at each meeting. There helped my team brainstorm different approached we could take to the video and the supplemental material like the posters and pamphlets. I was an ally to those who filmed and created the handouts by filming those who were normally in charge of the camera and giving feedback/input on the pamphlets.

I am also always in class, so it was easy to be the person that relayed information to group members when they could not be there. By attending all the classes, I was able to keep my group up to date on events and changes and also participate in all activities directly connected to this project. Though specifically in our class, by being present at school, I got to meet members of the LGBTQIA group through other classes. Usually students will talk about what they have going on in their other classes and I would tell my other classmates from other courses about our final. This helped me gain a lot of perspective that I could use toward the group project, helping me put faces to the cause.

Sometimes it was hard to get in touch with out contacts or even get our group members in the same place at once due to varying schedules. Our community partner was GSA, but we specifically interviewed Tyler. I was the link between our group and Tyler. We had difficulties properly communicating with the members we had originally planned on filming, so I sought out my resources and reached out to Tyler because I knew he was involved with GSA. At our group meetings, I brainstormed questions that would be useful to ask our community partner for the video. Sometimes some group members were not able to make it to meetings, so Natalie would usually send out an announcement on canvas about what we did and I would reinforce the information by text messaging/canvas messaging member since those seemed to be checked or noticed more frequently.

Word Count: 389

Written by: Vanessa Rasavong

Police Brutality

As the video recorder and editor of the project, i played a huge role in the video production. Being an recorder and editor means i need to take it to my own responsibility to make sure that i involve everyone in the group but also at the same time, make sure I involve myself.

On Saturday March 11th we met up with Cinthya and her husband Bob at Revolutionary Book Store in Seattle to talk about our final project and how they will be playing a huge role in our change to restore social justice to the law enforcement violent behaviors. After the meeting at the Revolution Book Store, they recommended attending the protest on March 14th to support the October 22nd Coalition where they brought posters of all the recent victims of being murdered by the police. At least 100 or more faces were displayed and all cases were justified by police but not by the people.

The contents of our video consist of a variety of visuals and one on one interview with the environment and people of Seattle. Most of the video we provided consist of our involvement with the protest, the meeting at the book store and a lot of time we spent researching and reading media sources that direct toward police brutality. The significance of the experience I was honored to have was the experience itself! To be a part of something you have always wanted to have a voice for is life changing.

For the video to be a huge portion of our final portfolio, it was a lot of pressure to make this video. I do have knowledge on how to edit videos but I am afriad I sometimes do not focus on the objective or criteria. But as the editor I spent days and sleepless nights to make this all possible and i do not regret one minute of it. I had a lot of fun with my group and i plan on continuing to join organizations with the help of my new allies to create a change in this worlds social justice system.

Word Count: 374

Written by Kai Kelsey

Education Issue

Hi, this is Kite, I’m from the Education Issue group!

When working with the group, my job was to compose a short song for the outro of the video, find and record the quotes and then send it to Chiwon, the chief editor of the group. Also, I showed up in almost all of the meetings, either with the members for brainstorming or with the community partner to make the interview. I was in charge of recording some of the footages. I was involved in all of the interviews that we made, either doing the interview or filming.

To make some small addition, although it’s appeared in the video that I’m the only composer of the song, meaning that I did both the melody and lyric part. However, I’m just responsible for the melody and a small part of the lyric, the main part of the lyric was made by Chiwon. She helped me to make up the words since my English is not the best, which makes her the co-writer of this song but for some reason, she didn’t want to put her name in it. So please don’t give all the credit to me, give it to Chiwon too because the beauty of the song comes from the lyric. Anyone can make a catchy melody like that.

Police Brutality

As part of the police brutality team my role in the production of the video was recording a couple of interviews at the “Revolution” bookstore, recording my peers’ voices for their personal question and recording myself as well. It was a great experience to have so many great peers in the group, and an amazing experience to act as an activist for the October 22nd Coalition group.

My involvement with our community partner October 22nd Coalition was to participate as an activist for them, message boy to spread the word around campus and my community, and to support them with a donation so they can continue functioning and selling their books. I took a lot of flyers and propaganda from them to put it around Cascadia College’s campus and to distribute it among my classmates and professors after the final project presentation. I’m enrolled now with October 22nd Coalition and they will call me or e-mail me to participate in future protests.

Kevin Dominguez Sosa

Words: 162


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