Below: written by Natalie-Suzanne Brawner. Word count: 323.

As a team member, I heavily managed scheduling, as I set up our main team meetings during available hours for all team members involved, as well as reserving our table within a local coffee shop. During our multiple group meetings, I contributed conversationally as I offered suggestions and gave input regarding other student’s analyzation of their question, while also helping delegate and plan out our team’s plan for action and scheduling. I contributed within our team by working efficiently by using my individual frame of reference to collaborate with other student’s frame of references to create a cohesive, informative and empathetic video that raises awareness to the oppression within the LGBTQI community, while encouraging others to serve the LGBTQI community as an ally. As far as the physical involvement with the project, after creating intellectual alliance with my other team members, I designed and produced the posters for the GSA. While answering my own question, I integrated both Postman and Takaki quotes in the context of discussing American History, while giving them proper citing. I educated the audience as to how the reoccurring theme of discrimination within American History has directed my frame of reference. In addition to answering my individual question, I also edited the video itself, piecing together each student’s filmed section, integrating the community partner interview, while adding captions, a resource list and music. I filmed the extra shots of the students working together to show our collaboration and our genuine effort to get to know one another. This exercise has changed my understanding of the LGBTQI community and challenged my listening skills, ability to work in groups and my understanding of myself. My future contribution to the Cascadia student community will increase in new and exciting ways, thanks solely to this exercise. Educating myself on this subject has expanded my frame of reference because I have had to combine my religious views with being an ally to the oppressed.


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