Danny Wilson DQ 10:

"BLAW" Black, Latino, Asian, White.
“BLAW” Black, Latino, Asian, White.

If i had to rate myself and my commintment to fighting opression day one of class,  I would consider myself leaning towards supporting opression. I say that because I never did anything to fight opression before I enrolled in this class. I have always recgonized it and that it may still be happening but I had never taken action. I’d be “Recognizing, No Action” on the Action Continuum.

The Image Posted above is a mural that my group(Racism) and I created. It reads “BLAW” which stands for Black, Latino, Asian, and White. In the mural there is a slogan that reads “Every Human Life Matters” in multiple languages but yet it has one message and one meaning. The mural is made up of many different ethnical backgrounds and its cool to see how we all portray outself and can see the truth that society may not tell us. This has indeed moved me right along the continuum because I am now educating myself and others. Also working in groups and teaming up with our local community scholar the BLACK BRUNCH SEATTLE group I can say that I am supporting and encouraging too.

Media Max Muir Captured

Here is a picture of the mural my group and I made for racism. The video I was going to post was of Jacob and I playing the came where we add one word to each other’s word to develop a story. The file wasn’t accepted by the website.